Our Mission Statement – ‘Improving Lives’

“To give people with disabilities the opportunity to learn to ride or drive a horse and benefit from this therapeutic activity and to support this activity by ensuring they can learn in a pleasant, safe and supportive environment.”

Established in 1987, RDA Glasgow Group is dedicated to improving the lives of people with disabilities through the provision of horse riding and carriage driving. With the help of over 150 volunteers,  RDA Glasgow Group offers 47 hours of classes per week, providing opportunities for therapy, achievement, enjoyment, improving health, well being and self-confidence, and benefiting mobility and co-ordination. The Group works with people from the Greater Glasgow area.



Riding School for the Disabled – Glasgow – Visit by Lord High Commissioner – 18 May 2015 © Julie Broadfoot – http://www.juliebee.co.uk

Coronavirus Update

Glasgow Group has re-opened although things are slightly different.     We are not open in the evenings and at the moment we are unable to provide the vast majority of our riding and therapy sessions due to the social distancing measures which are in place as set out by the Government. 

We are able to provide riding sessions to those riders who can mount and dismount by themselves. We can also provide riding sessions where participants can be supported by their family/care bubble.  These supporters require to have completed training at the centre and have a green card.

We are also offering non mounted sessions.  These take the form of learning how to care for a horse/pony, how to groom, finding out about the different things they eat and working towards care badges.  This can be done socially distanced, individually or in small groups.

We can also welcome back our volunteers although again in small groups so that social distancing can be maintained. We have missed you

Currently we only have part-time office cover so you may not get an answer on the phone, and for this we apologise in advance.  We would ask if possible, that you email us at rda@rdaglasgow.org if you are interested in returning to mounted sessions which we can provide or care sessions. 

If you wish to return to volunteer please email volunteer@rdaglasgow.org.

We would like to thank you for your continued support in these strange times and hopefully we will able to welcome you all back in the near future.

Support us this Winter

Follow the link to the Support Us Page where you will find lots of different ways to help us.  We have our Winter Warm campaign on Just Giving to help us feed our horses and ponies. Whether you are trying to do all of your shopping online at Amazon you can do this at smile.amazon.co.uk and choose to support us or you will find all you high street names on Easy Fundraising. Register here, save in your browser bar and there will be no need to log in every time.  Even get your Xmas cards sent from the comfort of your laptop, phone or pad either digitally or by post.  You can do this at dontsendmeacard.com or makingadifference.cards.

Shopping local, then why not sign up for you local coop membership to get great offers and support us. 

Every Little Helps, #itswhatyoucandothatcounts


RDA Glasgow Group is a registered charity in Scotland SC 002041 
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