Announcement: Corona Virus

Due to the latest government advice the trustees have taken the difficult decision to suspend activities at RDA Glasgow with immediate effect until further notice.

Our Mission Statement – ‘Improving Lives’

“To give people with disabilities the opportunity to learn to ride or drive a horse and benefit from this therapeutic activity and to support this activity by ensuring they can learn in a pleasant, safe and supportive environment.”

Established in 1987, the RDA Glasgow Group is dedicated to improving the lives of people with disabilities through the provision of horse riding and carriage driving. With the help of over 150 volunteers, the RDA Glasgow Group offers 47 hours of classes per week, providing opportunities for therapy, achievement and enjoyment, improving health, well being and self-confidence, and benefiting mobility and co-ordination. The Group works with people from the Greater Glasgow area.



Riding School for the Disabled – Glasgow – Visit by Lord High Commissioner – 18 May 2015 © Julie Broadfoot – http://www.juliebee.co.uk

RDA Glasgow Group is a registered charity in Scotland SC 002041
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