Mission Statement


“To give people with disabilities the opportunity to learn to ride or drive a horse and benefit from this therapeutic activity and to support this activity by ensuring they can learn in a pleasant, safe and supportive environment”

How will we achieve this?

  1. By ensuring the facility operates within the agreed guidelines with regard to the number of people in classes, types of horses available, and the number of volunteers per person.

  1. By having a well trained, informed, involved and flexible team.

  1. By ensuring all horses are cared for to the highest possible standard, and are trained in accordance with established guidelines to ensure service users can learn to ride or drive safely and with confidence.

  1. By attracting volunteers and appropriate funding, to enable the facility to continue to offer therapy to disabled people.

  1. By ensuring we operate within, and adhere to, all statutory regulations in relation to health and safety, stable management, and disability legislation.

  1. By ensuring all staff, volunteers and management are committed and involved in maintaining the high standards of care of the horses, appearance and maintenance of the facility.


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